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Object Ids or how to remove


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Hello again.

I have problem with some objects which are hard/impossible to remove.

So, the first object is this :




Why I need to remove ? (To show, that I am not asking those objects just for fun)


Another one:


And the reason:


I really hope that someone can help me and finally fix this problem :roll:

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Only way I know how to remove objects without collision is by finding their ID by browsing trough objects in map editor. If you know object name, that will make it a lot easier for you. Anyway, once you find object ID, you need to try and get object coordinates. Usually, you can do that just by placing ped in middle of object you want to remove and use coordinates of that ped. Then, make line of code for your .map file:


Fill in model with ID you found by browsing trough MTA objects and for posX, posY and posZ, use coordinates of ped. lodModel is usually 0 and you can set radius to whatever you want, but it needs to cover the area from which you want to remove object (you can help yourself out here with marker, place it in middle of object and change its radius till it covers whole object).

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