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Lol, the white back ground is just a preset, I write down what steps I take I create, in order to re-create it... It wouldn't be hard for me to make that logo again, on any color...

(used Adobe Photoshop to make the logo)

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Yes, but in order to get it the the exact same way, I would have to calculate how the ast time, I made the perspective of the white, and if I added shadow or glow to the back ground, and it would look like crap.

Let me try something, i'll try to make it the same way again.

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I just wanna say 2 things....


Do i have to have a star for my avatar caus i love mine :twisted:


We cant get to excited in the multiple people in 1 car thing because we wont be able to do drive-bys.Its just multiple in a car transport not combat...YET!

P.S - Don...I'm a games developer but i dont do much of the programming but i could help.....Just give me a PM if he needs me...

ArcatraZ....Over and Out....

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