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guiSetSize Issue


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Try this:

It won't even work like that, I think this is a bug of MTA.

addCommandHandler("ss", function()  
    local sW, sH = guiGetScreenSize() 
    local width, height = 455, 415 
    local left = sW - width - 1 
    local top = sH/2 - height/2 
    local w = guiCreateWindow(left, top, 10, height, "", false) 
    --guiSetSize(w, 1, height, false) 

In my case it creates the window, but it's width can't be less than 96

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Because write the code manualy is always better in quality, performance and managing.

and it is hard to move dx gui's.


What if you try a black static image as background?

But you lose the move/scale ability with the cursor.

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