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I'm Anubhav from a group named [A-team] ( Anubhav's Scripting Team )!

Are you looking for a scripter?

Yes? Contact me at anubhav.agarwal87! I am ready to make some scripts for free. I maxiumly cost for scripts $3 and for gamemodes $10. Its to cheap right?

I need help!

Do you need help in scripting? You can also contact me on skype for it!

I want to join!

If you want to join you can contact me. You must know proper scripting with SQL.

I want to learn scripting!

I'm still ready to make you learn basics of scriptings. Then you can go for the wiki!

NOTE: I'm not planning to scam in anyway. I don't want to defame my name!


CodyLewiz - Things Done: Alot - Price: Free!

marty - Things Done: Many - Price: $1

Ahmet Eren - Things Done: Vehicle spawner - Price: 50c

My community scripts!

Check my signature out.

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Any way I could hire you on my server, We've been looking for another scripter Because I can script but barly and every other scripter I find charges too much or doesn't trust that I'll pay

If you want to hire me, you can hire me for free. I am ready to make each and every script you want! I guarantee quality, and no bugs. If there are bugs, I'll fix them immediately if I have time. After thursday I'll be free. I have exams, I can make small scripts for now.

Coming to Bod:RPG.

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