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Problem with EDF script loading


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Hi. I am trying to get a custom map editor definition to load some scripts.

In my first attempt, I tried loading the scripts from the .edf file, this is what I did.

name="Vehicle Spawn Manager">        name="rvspawnpoint" friendlyname="Random Vehicle Spawn Point" description="Spawn points for random vehicles.">            >        name="cvspawnpoint" friendlyname="Custom Vehicle Spawn Point" description="Spawn points for custom vehicles.">            >        ="script1.lua" />    ="script2.lua" />    ="script3.lua" cache="false" />    ="script4.lua" cache="false" />    ="script5.lua" cache="false" />    ="script6.lua" cache="false" />        ="script1.lua" type="client" />    ="script2.lua" type="client" />    ="script3.lua" type="client" cache="false" />    ="script4.lua" type="client" cache="false" />    ="script5.lua" type="client" cache="false" />    ="script7.lua" type="client" cache="false" />    >

And it worked pretty well although I found some limitations: I couldn't use OOP (I tried adding true, did not work). For some reason type="shared" did not work either (that's why I included script 1-5 twice). And probably most important, tag did not work.

If anyone knows how to make those work in a .edf file, please let me know, I'm a complete newbie.

Second attemp: try to load these scripts from meta.xml.

That's what I'm trying right now but it seems that none of the scripts are loaded when I start the map editor (and load the definition of course).

This is the meta.xml file: http://paste.kde.org/pjlw1lnob

In short:

  • Is there any way to make , and type="shared" work in a .edf file?
  • Do scripts included with meta.xml load for a map editor custom definition.

Thanks for reading!

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