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Unable to damage players



Hello there.

So, in my server, we've been having this weird bug, which is that some times ( randomly ), players are unable to harm others, the cause seems to be that in the remote player screen, the attacker has no weapon, just hitting with fist.

My question is: any else had this problem or encountered it on another server? is there a way to fix it?

Thanks for reading.

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Yeah it happened in CIT a lot. Ask Arran, he created a fix for it. It was mid way in a bank rob and MAN WAS I WRECKIN people, so I started to realize they were using the spaz shotgun, and I'm thinking how the fuck is the wall bug not hitting me, I then thought, omg do I have that bug, so I took a leap of faith and ran out there. I didn't die. They all called me a hacker, so I went to the bottom floor and called an admin and told him that I didn't abuse it and went straight to the bottom floor, from then I was their first person to not quit, so I gave them debug info too, and it was solved thanks to me. Heck if I know what they did though.

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

This is widely known as ''health bug''.. from both sides it bugs, like you can't damage the other player, and the player that gets shot at see his attackers punching in the air, while the attackers can suspect cheating/glitching but see nothing more than the player walking around and being invulnerable.

From the other side, i'm not sure if the attacker also sees the bugged player punching, but I think not, more likely to see nothing if the bugged player shoots at him or anything, just idling, while still invulnerable.

It happens randomly but it's very rare..

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