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some 0.3b screenies plz

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Allright, I've been wanting to show this for some time now. Unauthorized or not =P. This is a somewhat self-explanatory picture. I must add, though, that it is unsure if it will be included in MTA0.3, but will definatley make it into 0.4. It all depends on how much time it takes to incorporate all missions into the 'mechanical' code. (which isn't quite finished yet)


As to who they are and what they can do, we'll leave you guys in the dark a little longer (don't wanna spoil all the fun at once =P)

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anyone ever notice those pics look like rap vids? I mean there are a whole bunch of cars lined up and people standing around with guns, I mean we could make a perfect screen shot with this

I'm surprised we haven't seen Eminem in one of the screenshots yet :P

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