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Can anyone help me how to script translate script steps or smth like that

Here we help you fix problems with your script and not giving ready scripts

Please, try to make the script if you can't do thing hard just Post a Topic

and Thanks

Ah please , he asked for help to create the script where you seen he asked us to create the script for him? i would help him but i don't know to create this..

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What you mean by translate script ?

If you mean making a help page for different languages then

You can simply use a table.


Languages = { 
         English = "Hello, this is an english language tab/n have fun!!" , -- if you need it for gui 
         German =  "Some german :~", 
         AnyOtherLanguage =  " Any Other Language :~"  
Languages.English -- English message 
Languages.German -- German message 
Languages.AnyOtherLanguage -- AnyOtherLanguage message 

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