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I need a gang

Guest Kid

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Well im a noob to MTA but not VC i just need a gang to roll with.Im good at driving.and im also good at shooting and ridin on motorcycles.and not to good at flyin a heli.so if anyone wanna recruit me just post in here or somethin.

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First off, welcome to the community. :D

Second, there are many nuances to MTA that you'll learn over time, such as lag/desync (because sometimes it looks like someone may be cheating when their not), aiming techniques (the aim's vastly improved since 0.3 but there are still times when it's off), vehicle kills (both car and heli), weapon techniques, general survival, all the good stuff.

So take some time to learn MTA, play in the public servers, keep a good attitude and one day some'll pick you up.

Good luck.

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Hello there , if you want to join a gang do what has been told above and just impress some people in some server , dont take the first offer you get , but try and get a few and then decide for the best , you dont want to have decided for the first then after it turns out to be a gang without skills, bad attitude or cheaters .

On this page : http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=4304&start=0 you can get a list of gangs with their memberlist , the clans on their are the one that are mostly known by the community and if you decide to join one you can always ask anyone around some info about that clan.

Read around the gang section some , you might get a gang that is something your looking for maybe a stunting,racing,killing or just chilling.

Oops forgot to lock this, we dont want every person in mta coming and opening a new thread asking to join, if we did we would have the whole section with join requests.


:arrow: LOCKED

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