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Need some help with WampServer-MySQL



Hello guys! I have a lot of modded cars, other scripts, which takes a lot of time for download(if you are first time on my server) So, i decided to move car mods on wampserver to reduce the size of download. But, it won't work! Nothing happens. I don't have any experiences with Wampserver before, so i'm here to ask u for help. To be clear, i won't pay you. I'm asking for real help for peoples who would help me to slove this.

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As i can see, there is no answer in 4 days. So, u will let me to understand this like u all doing for money? Look, mabye, i writed it wrong. I just don't have experiences with WampServer at all. I don't setup it right. That's probem. Would anyone help me to slove this? Beacuse i'm still hosting MTA Server on my computer, i buyed new one for that, but i need to know how to setup WampServer.

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