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Today, I created Youtube Sound Player.


1. Get a youtube video link, for an example

2. Go to your server and start the resource called youtubemp3

3. If you want gui do this command /youtubemp3 or you if you want F8, just do this command "youtubeplay [linkvideo]" (without ")

4. GUI- Paste the Link in the editbox then click play/stop! Just wait it to play.

All videos is now playable




Resource Link: http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... s&id=10065

Credits: Pilovali for using their api.

Join our server at Website: mtasa://

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  • 2 weeks later...

Changed the API host to Pilovali's Youtube Converter API.

I think this is faster than other hosts.

In what quality are the youtube links streamed? I'd prefer 720p (it affects audio quality). Can I change a setting for that somewhere? Also is the music hearable by everyone in the server? Other than that, thanks for sharing!

I think this new host is 720p. Only you can hear it.

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