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Stubby Shotgun Balence Issues

Guest philemon

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Ok, I think that this needs to be said....No hate intended so I do not wish to recieve any.But, I think the stubby is incredibly over powered. I mean why do you think pretty much every gang uses them? I have seen a total newbie friend of mine demolish several skilled players simply by using a stubby shotgun. Pretty soon the only gun in use will be the stubby and who wants to play a game with one gun? If the stubby was replaced with a crome shotgun or ruger, or even an uzi I think it would make mta a much better game. Or if there was a server option which careers you can put in the game. But I think if anyone is honest with themselves they will agree the stubby is far over powered. You cant really fight back once your hit and its not hard to do with the massive spread and not to mention the relativly long range for a supposedly extremly short range gun.

Thanks :)

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omfg this guy is so right man! just today a group of 3 robbers came up to me and started shooting me with stubby! well before they got close i shot one down to red with m60 but then the other 2 shoot me...so im knocked down and the second i get back up they shoot me again im dead-its practially (and sometimes is) a 1 hit one kill weapon

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ill start by saying i do think the stubby has problems, but what u have suggested wouldn’t help the situation, and uzi would make the robber worthless, 3 robbers should kill a Mexican, its 3v1 your gonna die. I really think that while the stubby is over powered when compared to other weapons I don’t think its out of place, the real problem is that so many servers don’t allow heli kills, spaz kills, I have even seen a sever with a no car kills rule. All sorts of things that are ways to kill stubby users are considered cheap, by default. The way I see it is people have decided that the stubby is the best weapon in the game and that anyone who kills a robber is either.

a: another robber

B: hacking

C: being a “cheap ass, lamer, noob, ass hat” the list goes on…..

It just pisses me off when a guy doesn’t think its unfair that his stubby is all but a one shot kill weapon, butkill him with a heli and your a tanletless noob........

I didn’t vote because I don’t think the stubby needs a “nerf”, we need the shit heads to stop acting like anything that can “counter” it is cheap.

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Why not dum down the stubby then or get rid of the robber all together. I think an uzi is great cuz the massive rate of fire. And also in the single player a great number of the criminals use an uzi. Not the lame tech 9 or mach 10. But the real uzi. Its just as good as the Mp5 so I wouldnt nessisarily say its useless. hell, its even got a higher rate of fire then the MP5. Id like to see an UZI in.

Also... I know alot of noobs say this but what about replacing it with a sniper? Or giving secret service the sniper and the robber the mp5.

Just a thought...No hate please

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yeh, i have seen so many ppl complain about stubbys now, fact is....

if u arent gd enough to kill a robber with another character, get some more practice or be a robber.......

every character has some sort of advantage, robbers is high powered stubby!

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