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How to avoid that ?


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Whenever i create a ped and set an animation to him which the animation will not loop.. so what happens is when i leave the ped for example in los santos and go to SF and then go back to LS the ped loses his animation.

the only solution i found is to enable the loop in the function which i don't want, any ideas ?

Edit: Before asking,, Yes the script is serverside

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I want that when i set the ped's animation it doesn't resets automatically. Without looping ^^

Edit: If you didn't understand the problem, the problem is when i set the animation of a ped, everything is alright for me, but if i went away to SF and came back to him lets say in LS i see him just standing without any animation.

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Instead of using a timer (which would be a waste of resources), you could have a separate client-side script, that triggers the server-side part when the ped is streamed in. Not sure how that will affect anim-syncing though. Maybe you could keep track of time as well and set the anim progress accordingly.

It's a bit more complicated, but I think it could even be used for multiple peds without too much overhead.

Sry, no code.

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