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ok, ive finished this script to a decent level now. However before i release it i want to test it in a realistic situation...

so, i want 3 clans to have a mock turf war in my 16 player priv server tonight.

If u want your clan to take part then please post here. Im not sure of the time yet, but probably 8pm GMT, maybe 9

let me know cheers :)

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Good work Oli, ill pop along tonight. Perhaps it would be wise to invite allcomers, we can tag up once we know how many are there (using any old tags for team id)

EDIT: Kungfu yes it should work for different numbers of gangs, also for different amounts of people per gang, 5 in one, 4 in another, 2 in the third etc.

Due to the way the script identifies gang members and groups them we will have to have a slight rethink about the naming methods used, originally i had wanted for instance VCA1 VCA2 VCA3 on one side and [KFC]fullname [KFC]someoneelse [KFC]andthisguy on the other to make it clear even at distance whos enemy and who isnt, the script however can only identify [tag]name {tag}name (tag)name and tag>name.

So that would mean VCA>1 VCA>2 etc to still keep it short.

As for the third gang, need to find a way to make thier name stand out too. Perhaps, using vca as an example again, we should use [VCA]-1-[VCA]

So at distance we might see something like




The problem is, as can be seen above, the [VCA]-1-[VCA] format and the [KFC]Fullname format are similar lengths and not easily differentiated between, especially in the heat of battle. So suggestions please. We really do need three quite distinctive formats.

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i can still make alterations to the clan detection part of the script... if u want VCA1 VCA2 etc i could prob do that but it would mean the end part would have to be numerical for the script to pick up on it..

There can be 2-4 clans present atm, and the scores are calculated exactly how u wanted bump. The dialog shows upto date scores and an upto date clock of time left for the round. U can select the time of rounds and the number of rounds in the dialog.

Once a round is over the script announces the scores in the server.

For now there are NO commands players can do, ie !score or !time, this can be changed if needed.

im up for just getting ppl together and slapping on tags, thats fine :)

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ok crap, i totally forgot i have a date tonight, so this test shall have to wait till wednesday night, which im free on as far as i know :)

hope that didnt put any ppl out, soz if it did and cya all wednesday :)

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ok crap, i totally forgot i have a date tonight, so this test shall have to wait till wednesday night, which im free on as far as i know :)

hope that didnt put any ppl out, soz if it did and cya all wednesday :)

There is a joke there regarding your date tonight and putting out but I won't make that..

No problem Oli just say when... you have gone to a lot of trouble to make that script it's a small effort in comparison on our part just to test it.

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Sounds Great :D We have a chan on gamesurge as well #turwar, so if people want to come there first, then we can organize the teams, and the way they will show there tag in-game. Also i was wondering, does the script have mini game features yet ?


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We shouldnt need scripts for the minigames, they are easy enough to organise manually. Really its the old team script style with some tweaks, no spam (!score and !time etc), ignores vehicle deaths, subtracts freindly fire kills from score, allows more than two teams at once, allows unbalanced teams.

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Ok script is done, (thanks Oli), testing it in action tomorrow, details in turfwar forums.

Site look has had a slight revamp and the content will finally be in place tomorrow. If all go's well I suggest we look at starting this weekend.

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Shouldnt need any extra scripting as long as the format fits into the script as it stands. Nice ideas rebel, I personally like numbers, my old CS clan

used them, [xenogen]1 [xenogen]2 etc, but id bet lots of people wont like not being able to use thier names. (they have to massage their ego you know ;P)

Anyway, so much for the script test. Looks like we go ahead this weekend with an untested script. If its a mess it the fault of everyone who didnt come along tonight :)

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Map fixed.

And you'll be lucky. You may eat cake fast but you are new to pastry. We however have been eating so much pastry we are really overweight.. hmm, my analogy seems to have broken down somewhere in the middle there.

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