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TURFWARS !! BACK UP !! http://turfwar.wojjie.net

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Map updated. We hope to begin soon so please all gangs that have claimed a turf so far you MUST register and post on the turfwar forums. These will be used in the organisation of matches and reporting of results.

Any gang that doesnt register by the time we begin will have thier turf opened up for all comers to compete for.

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Ok it seems that some people have problems recieving thier e-mail for conformation. This may be caused by me messing with the DB :P But i only changed access levels, so who knows. anyways like i said make a post saying you registered, and I will add you manualy.

Boss you can post now.


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I have a question regarding the rules for Turfwars... I may be misreading them, but hopefully that's where I'll get some clarification.

I belive it says that you must challenge a turf owned by another gang, but so far there's only HQ's... Wouldn't this make the first match lost be the match you lost your HQ in?

Is there a benefit to having two turfs connected to one another?

Is there any benefit to having more then one turf at all?

Perhaps as an idea to make claiming turf more valuable, give a bonus of some kind, some how? Like lock the car doors in that turf for anyone except your gang? Make the pickups only pickupable by your gang in a turf you own or in unclaimed turf? (That sounds confusing, it's time to go home, I'll try and clarify and make myself clearer at home...)

Maybe I'm thinking too deeply about it, but it seems like it would start off with at least one HQ being gobbled up per match until someone wins 2 in a row.

I'm at work right now, so I don't want to risk digging into too many sites that are technically against policy to view ;)

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I belive it says that you must challenge a turf owned by another gang, but so far there's only HQ's... Wouldn't this make the first match lost be the match you lost your HQ in?

Well as we stated from teh begining the rules may change as we get closer to starting turf wars. But for a answer to your question, gangs can challenge for a open turf, and who ever else wants this turf, can accept the challenge.

As for benifits to having more then one turf, there really isnt any so far, besides the fact that your one step closer to owning all of portland ;) since the main objective of game is to own all the turfs.

also its impossible for us to restrict weapons/vehicles and anything else we cant do in mta, since were making this around mta, we have to work with what we have.


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Loendal: initially gangs will need to challenge for an empty turf, meaning a 3 way gang match for it, after a few of these the map will soon begin to open up. The advantage of having turfs next to each other is that you prevent another gang from doing so, and other gangs can ONLY attack those owned turfs that adjoin thier own, OR a gangs BASE TURF. (theres a possibility we may try and make taking a BASE TURF a little harder than taking a 'normal' turf but we have yet to finalise this)


Peeps please read http://www.turfwar.mtaleague.com/forums ... um.php?f=3 for some important news and a request for your ideas. Thanks

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As for incentive for owning more land...

Could the gang with more land in a war get an extra player in a gangwar for new turf?

Not counting wars for homebase turf where the defenders get 2 extra.

Or an extra person for every extra piece of land they own... That would have a snowball effect once a gang is on a roll they will become nearly unstoppable.

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No, and for the reason you stated. Once a gang begins to win they would be unstoppable

Amount of turfs owned will be an instant indication of whos doing well in turfwars, and the more turf you have the more options for gaining new turf.

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