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TURFWARS !! BACK UP !! http://turfwar.wojjie.net

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Website is up but not complete at http://turfwar.wojjie.net

Final details are still being discussed between Marcel and myself and are subject to change, this is where we are so far however.

Portland is divided into 74 Turfs as shown in this small map:


Selecting Turf.

Each gang is allocated an initial BASE TURF. For gangs that already have a gangwar HQ it will be the turf that contains it. For those that dont, you may select any available Turf. (Or of course your gang may select a gangwar HQ and take its corresponding turf if not owned already)

For example, VCA HQ is the Woodyard:


Attacking other Turfs.

A gang may challenge for a Turf by having a match in the format described under Match Rules below in the following circumstances;

1] Any other gangs BASE TURF.

2] Any owned Turf adjoining any of your owned turfs.

3] Any vacant Turf elsewhere on the map - To do this you must find TWO other gangs willing to contest you for it, precedence must be gven to any gang whos borders the contested Turf touches. All three gangs will compete in a three way match, winner claims the Turf.

If Your gang loses its BASE TURF, you MUST allocate one of your remaining Turfs as your new BASE TURF and inform us of your selection.

If your gang loses all its Turf, you may challenge another gang for any Turf they posses EXCEPT thier current BASE TURF.

You may NOT claim a Turf in any other way.

Match Rules.

o Fixed time period rounds (30, 45, 60 minutes TBD

o Players to get ingame and stay at spawn until match start. (Enforced my mtama)

o Cumulative Team score decides winners. (Kills - Deaths = Score)

o If u crash/freeze/time out. Just reconnect and continue

o Car kills will not count towards deaths/kills score but may be used for strategic advantage.

Finally as identification of players is a little harder in gta3mta, due to lack of obvious spawn careers and locations, I suggest some clearly different naming is used. One team very short names, one very long. Remember we will be respawning on top of other players and may need to ID them rapidly

For instance:




etc, and:




Or Vice verca.

A larger version of the map, which will be hosted on the website once we have completed it, and updated regularly as matches take place, can be seen here.


The website is currently under contruction and TurfWars will begin once it is ready. Meanwhile you may select your BASE TURF.

Numbered Turf Map for easier Claim description:


(Please note that if your gang has Claimed an HQ in the HQ thread you MUST use the Turf that contains it as your initial BASE TURF)

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According to xenex the bistro is inside the turf i have higlighted for you onthe map, 27 contains tony cipriatis moms place, whish is VCK HQ i believe.

As zircons gta3 HQ map is down its proving impossible to confirm who had what already, so i suggest Turf allocation is put on hold until he, or anyone else, can link the image

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im afraid that fmj is trespassing on our territory, vck has a home base of bitchin dog food factory, not the restaurante. restaurante is up for grabs, joey garage/dog food place is not.

Sorry about this slothman, didnt realise. In this case FMJ changes to 43

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bump would u like me to advertise this on the euleague site, as that league isnt doing gta3 atm, this could be a viable alternative for clans who want to play gta3 aswell, and would get the map more filled out

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