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[HELP] how to draw text on WORLD and not SCREEN


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Hi all i want to draw DX text on the World map like above peds indicating what will happen when player reaches colshape near that ped

someone know how cn i do that? (function)

On the other hand, if you want to give full rotation and 3G abilities to your text, you might consider creating a render target and drawing the shader.

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You can make this:

function dxDraw3DText(text,x,y,z,red,blue,green,alpha,size,maxDistance) 
if text and x and y and z and red and blue and green and alpha and size and maxDistance then 
local a, b, c = getElementPosition (localPlayer) 
local thex, they, thez = getScreenFromWorldPosition( x, y, z ) 
if a and b and c and thex and they and thez <= maxDistance then 
if thex and they then 
dxDrawText( text, thex, they, _, _, tocolor( red, blue, green, alpha ), size, "default", "center", "center" ) 

There is another scripts on the community.

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