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Mta question

Guest Gangster88

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I used to own this but my computer got wiped and i have just re-installed mta and the all seeing eye. Everytime i try to connect now i get this...


Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec)

How do get it to work? I appreciate any help asap.

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could be you are trying to connect to an offline server, but I suppose u tried multiple servers before u came here. So it might be a problem with your router/firewall, try switching off any firewall or else search these forums, I'm sure this has been posted before.

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Ok i turned of Noton Anti-Virus. I have downloaded mta version 0.4.1 but on the all seeing eye there is no such server. I tried 0.41 and 0.4 but it says i have an incompatable version.

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