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Why this plugin has a lot of errors and I don't have acces


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It means that you have to tell us what is the problem. Tell us what /debugscript 3 is giving. Etc etc etc. I, and maybe/mostly others too, are not planning to download anything from a site to just test your script personally to tell you what's wrong. There could be a virus in the download, that's why I wouldn't download it.

Debugscript 3:

In-game in the chatbox typ: /debugscript 3 and press 'enter', or in the console in-game (F8): debugscript 3

Then the error's will appear on the screen. (Restart the script)

If it shows the script has no access:

Press 'P'

Go to tab 'Resources'

Press 'Manage ACL'

Double-click on 'Admin' under 'Groups'

Press 'Add object'

Typ: resource.resourcenamehere

Press 'OK'

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