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GTA3 screen not locked.

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I cannot play GTA3 itself or MTA. I use 2 monitors and when I move the mouse over to the other monitor (not knowing it) then I fire and it minimizes. Then I get people calling me a "n00b" for pausing when I can't really help it.

In VC the screen is locked, so is there a fix I can download to lock this screen? Or have to play with 1 monitor. *doesn't really want to give that monitor up while playing GTA3* :cry:

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Yeah, but I hate shutting the other monitor off all the time, and since it's my brothers computer he hates it. Because he is always having to fix his desktop. And he wants 2 monitors on.

So why is VC locked and not GTA3? In the meantime I guess I will have to shut it off, the other monitor. Or just now play since my brother hates it.

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im a multimonitor user too :D

i tried to use mousejail too... you cant use it because of the way you launch it.

in the end i got ultramon, and bound CTRL + ALT + L to lock the mouse to primary monitor. press it again to turn it off.

if you use ultramon, you will want to enable a margin when you use the hotkey, or the mouse briefly flicks over to the 2nd mon, then back again. i use a margin of 100px, and my mouse doesnt go over even in the most heavy shootouts ;)

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