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MTA over LAN?

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hi everybody :),

iam a newb and i have a question.

can i also play with my friend in a local network? my computer is at a other computer connected. we only want to play together.

yes that was my question :).

i would be happy if someone can help me

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Yep, sure you can. Playing over a network is no different to playing over the net.

First of all, you fire up the server. You then start up MTA and type localhost instead of an IP address to specify that you want to connect to yourself.

Your friend then fires up MTA and types your machines local IP into the box. To find out this address, type (on your machine) cmd at the Start > Run prompt. When the DOS window appears, type ipconfig and press enter. Your address will be listed under "IP Address", and your friend types that address into his client.

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