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Thank you MTA Developers

Guest scblairiii

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I just recently found this site, and the fact that this multiplayer game exists...Up until now I have been an avid fan of GTA III and GTA vice city but play them only on the PS2 so I really havent followed any of the mods for the PC versions. I am going to go buy vice city for the PC today and I cant wait to play it online...I have read a ton of posts though on the forums and it seems like the mods and developers get a lot of shit from people. So here is a thank you from someone who cant wait to play the game with whatever bugs it may have or things I would rather it have...because it is so cool that you guys have done all this work to give everyone a version of the game that rockstar probably wont give us until the PS3 and whatever comes after San Andreas. Thanks for all the hard work.

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I would like to thank the MTA-team too, they were the ones that got me into modding gta (not mta) and trying to get beyond the experience of gaming and understanding how games work.

I hope these 2 posts from 2 normal people out there somewhere encourage you guys to keep up this mod, to be motivated and, most of all, to have fun with this and share the fun with anyone you want to and with us, the community.

Thank you.

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:D thanks for all of your support, without you guys we would have no motivation to keep going... especially with this new core, it is quite an undertaking for us, and we thrive off of the support of the community.

Thanks to you,


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