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Ok, well i dont know what the fucks going on, as far as i know, gunny has been kicked from UK and has joined UVA after jax said he isn't going to. Stop spamming our thread please. Gunny fucking grow up, i had a bad rep a couple of months back and its took me hard long time to get it back. But god knows how long it's going to take you. Hell, everyone hated me a couple of months ago because of shit that happened. But i got on my feet with a little help from Chef. Chef isn't bad at all, plus i would like to see you run a clan better than chef coz as far as im concerned he would of done a way better job than you can do. So fuckin grow up, you're spose to be 17? And you complain about people being immature? Well if you look in the mirror mate you might find one of those people.

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laugh so lame Jano argues with me only cause I :o lag man and ffs I killed Jano after respawning nothing big and ffs well :o UK gangs they can't take us Americans cause they can't take n e pressure lamers.... oh ps. Dan ur really Ugly get ur head out of that horses ass u ugly piece of crap

Hmmm, critsizing UK clans? Why the fuck have u joined another and another 1 after the other? You're sucha fuckin hypocrit it's unbelievable. :lol:

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/me looks at floor in shame!

Scooby decided to giv him a fair chance cus he's such a nice guy :D

personally i think he's lucky to hav given a chance in so many clans...

lets see if we can sort him out :wink:

(maybe we shud stop spamin TLRs thread :) )

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ok here's how it goes. *TLR*_DJ_DaN has been kicked from TLR for modding. Everyone knows i hate modders and glitching, but espcially modders. He has disappointed me cause i was working with him to be a good leader and he threw it back in my face. Erm he did it in the TLR server and i have heard as well he has done it in another server too. I have banned him from both my servers. It was recorded with fraps and if u would like to view it heres the link


I did this for the good of the clan.

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To be honest dan came in ouir server right after chef kicked him and asked to join i was thinking about it cause he told me it was a map mod but when i saw that vid nope cant be doing with that :: its funny cause i remember dan calling me a modder funny thing is i dont no how to lol

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UK is against modders to :twisted: , thats why when he asked to join UK after he got kicked we said NOWAY, he was doing gud at TLR didnt expect him to do summat so stupid like that.

Nice 1 to andy for getting him on fraps and chef for kicking him, i know he was one of your main men in TLR and you didnt Hesitate to do what was best for your clan, well done :wink:

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well wot i think is dan1s mta days are over now this has happend who will have him my thoughts are uva will giv him a try out but o well he did it his fault wot a thick thing to do and we hope to play good games with tlr now with no bullshit happning good look tlr (Y)

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