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Mokuso Finland Club (mfC) -> moving to vcmp

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Mokuso Finland Club


mfC was formed at 14.9.2003. It was the first Finnish MTA clan. The founders were Aavikko and _Shadow_. Soon after this the first member, Naz joined and soon after that, also Wyo. After that, the clan has been growing very rapidly. Our channel is #mfc-vc at Quakenet, feel free to stop by.






















Recruits (mfC*):


The mfC Rules:

1. Behave well against everyone, especially your opponents

2. Don't kill other mfC unless there are only mfCs present at the server

3. Don't insult other players.

4. Don't be a lamer.

5. Be at IRC every time you are attainable.

6. NO modding, NO hacking, NO cheating. Any person found to do this will be banned from the clan _permanently_.

7. You can only be in one clan.

The things that co-admins do:

1. Check who we are taking into the clan

2. Throw rule breaking members out of the clan (vote held)

3. Suggest decisions/changes.

4. Look after our server.

5. Make strategies to matches.

6. Maintain the clan in shape and enchange the clan spirit

7. Take care of things when _Shadow_ isn't around.


We accept only Finnish members. In order to gain membership, a test must be passed, which can only be done by _Shadow_.





port: 2003


mfC the movie 2

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Cool, we've got our own topic :twisted:

Btw: add the server IP and site address :P

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ok our score so far is FMJ 3:0 to mfC and FMJ 1:2 to mfC

We should settle this sometime

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heh i check this forum a lot :)

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Umm, we really don't know. lol. Maybe _Shadow_ knows, maybe not.

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we r gonna have to have a war with u guys sometime

how about sunday?

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Finally, another slightly big gang at the MTA forums :) Nice to see ya here guys.

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lol he censored his task bar, what u hiding shadow?? is it porn?? or illegal programs?? or is ure task barf pink or something??

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its pink and the programs running are like "free gay porn collector"

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We have now a new member: Anss1. :) Nice that he made a decision to come to mfC.

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Hey guys, Quig tells me you guys would like a war with us? pm/msn/post in our thread a time you are available. Maybe tomorrow nite? let me know :) --Warfire

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ok guys, sorry about this :oops: . But i guess it's too early for FKU... apparently my guys need thier beauty sleep :sleeping: lol.

so do you say we re-schedule.... let me talk to the gang first this time, then try again.

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