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Ur buddy, the backseat driver.

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I think it would be incredible if you set up a special button to get in another players car, without robbing him blind. That way if a friend wanted to take a break. You could carry his ass around town with you, but the button should only be available for you to join other players cars. (AI drivers are all granny drivers) and if you really want to get into it, two more people should be able to hop in the back! That would make dieing that much more fun... Maybe you should only implement this in Vice City so that a user doesn't have to feel like ur cab driver buddy is gonna drive him to some deserted location and anal rape you. Cause' obviously in Vice City you can make a quick escape, lol.

Think about it, and. Have you guys ever used one idea from a fan?

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I've been experimenting with this issue, and to my surprise, it's possible to have the player get in the back of a car. I took a ride in the backseat of a policecar to the policestation. It's awesome to be driven around Liberty City at mad speeds. Kinda gets you the rollercoaster feeling... Anyways, we'll probably work on this feature in the future. I didn't test if I was able to hang out the window with my uzi though. (slaps himself in the face) Oh well, I'll be able to test that, and post my discoveries here..

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I was thinking.

With the needed 3-D program

You could take for example the flatbed copy the seat in the front and put about 8 seats in the back so you could have a bunch of people get in.

that or do it with a bobcat , put 2 sets in the back of it so you can have 4 poeple in it.

Lets not forget when can always hop into the back of things and still ride around. Personally i would like to see a flatbed go by with about 7 other players in the back shooting everything they see.

By the way my screen name is the same from gamewinners.com

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