Anti Cheat not working on linux client (wine)

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Hi all,

First of all, i am using Arch linux with Wine and 32bit Wineprefix.

While i was playing MTA this error showed up: "You where kicked from the game (SD #26)".

So i did search for the error on the wiki and i saw that "SD #26" means that "Anti-cheat component" is blocked (

How to solve this problem?

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There are ways to bypass wine detection but you need to do some research on your own. I don't think that you will get an answer to that here , since SD #26 is ment to protect the server from people who use wine to ban evade, it's supposed to work that way...

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SD #28 is an option that servers can enable to block players using Wine.

SD #26 is a different problem due to Wine not being 100% the same as Windows. Some players do not get this problem though.

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