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Going Insane

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Alright This is driving me completley insane. Since the new patch came out, I can barely get past the loading stage without it crashing. Fricken Unhanders...... If I was lucky I could try 10 or so times to load up a game, and I culd play for less then 5 mins and then crash again. So I looked at some of the topics, and reinstalled everything from scratch. So now I can not even make it past the Loading part! I wish I could just play :( can anyone help?

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I'm no specialist at this at all, but have you tried it with default or very low settings in VC? Like graphics etc.

Might help... might not. Good luck anyhow, because I know how much it bites when you're not able to play.

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Ok so I connect to the server and start up the game. I go to start game and i click on mta..... it loads about |--------| that much then it goes 'ding'. So i minimize and look at the error:

Unhandled Exeption: c0000005

At Address: 715c4d09

So i close the game down, smash something then, try again.... only to have it happen again, but sometimes it loads 3/4 of the way before it happens. Sigh.

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Set game version in client. Uninstall 0.4, then install 0.4.1. Set gamelanguage to english, use the original exe, all the tips that are in the faq, support forum and similar posts on here in fact.

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Set game Version: Done

re-install everything: Done

Language English / use Origional exe: Done

Follow the FAQ 100%: Done

Graphics toned down: Done

Yet, the problem persists. It loads like an inch or 2 then the unhandled error comes yet again, on both 1.0 and 1.1

any other suggestions or should I just wait till the next version comes out :cry:

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This doesnt sound like an mta problem, in both error code and point of crash, not one ive come across before anyway.

Firstly does the game load ok in single player? (I'm wondering if you may have a hard drive or registry error)

Secondly are you positive you are selecting the correct directories for both gta3 and vc.

Can you confirm the MTA files have been placed correctly, i.e. GTA ROOT/MTA and GTA ROOT/DATA.

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Single PLayer works fine i was playing it earlier today.

I didnt install gta3 only vice, and yes it is in the correct directory

Yes the files are in the correct roots I have checked.

I dunno I guess I'll reinstall everything, maybe 3 times a charm

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I guess 3rd time wasnt a charm, i reinstalled everything and installed it the way i was told and the exact thing happened, loads an inch and Unhandled Exeption.

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Are you deleting any files left behind after uninstalling vice city?

Also try deleting your gta_vc.set in My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files.

One final question, what size is your mta.scm in vc/data ?

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252 kb is the size of the mta.scm.

Deleting the gta_vc.set made it load all the way, but crashed in the transition between the load screen and the game screen.

So I dont know what else there is to do :cry:

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