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Projectiles detouring

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Ok guys look, I've got this code:

    local findX, findY, findZ = getWorldFromScreenPosition(cx, cy, 60) 
    local rlX, rlY, rlZ = getElementPosition(localVehicle) 
    rlZ = rlZ+4 
    local hit, finalX, finalY, finalZ, element = processLineOfSight(rlX, rlY, rlZ, findX, findY, findZ, true, true, true, true, false, true, true, true, localVehicle, false) 
    if not hit then finalX, finalY, finalZ = findX, findY, findZ end 
    if element == nil or getElementType(element) ~= "player" then 
        createProjectile(localPlayer, 19, rlX, rlY, rlZ, 0, nil, findRotation(rlY, rlZ, findY, findZ), findRotation(rlX, rlZ, findX, findZ), findRotation(rlX, rlY, findX, findY), (findX-rlX)/60, (findY-rlY)/60, (findZ-rlZ)/60) 
    else createProjectile(localPlayer, 20, rlX, rlY, rlZ, 1, element) 

It's supposed to launch a rocket directed to the center of the screen. It works flawlessly if pointing to N or S. Otherwise, it's working, but said rockets detour after some travelled distance, which I believe to be caused by the rotation, but I really can't tell how to fix it... Maybe I'm using findRotation wrong?

I've also tried setting all rotation axis' to 0, but it didn't help.

Can someone help me with this?

It has nothing to do with beforehand values, I've already debugged everything, and the problem is only there in the createProjectile function.

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I'd be glad if someone could answer me this. Thanks beforehand.

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so, uh, yeah, again me, please, help. thanks.

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