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Sublime Text 3 - 50p's MTA Editor (package)


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Thanks, 50p. I've used Sublime for some time now (also for MTA). It's a very good option against the full fetched IDEs, because usually the game is running alongside and takes a bunch of resources already. Thank you!

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Go SciTE or go home.

Now seriously, I don't know if syntax highlighting colors are per-theme or global but I feel like the highlight colors are a bit too dark for the theme. Anyway, good job, although I'm not going to use this because I personally don't feel the need for that.

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@Elengar, thanks for that. I've just checked that function on wiki and it's clear why it does that. I'll fix that.

@RottenFlesh, that's what I meant. I have to run my app which then sends a request to the server to restart resource. So, I can Ctrl+B for that. I could also compile resources this way before restarting them.

@ixjf, that is why there are many text/script editors; to suit everyone. I've always said that. Same with anything in the world, eg. cars. Want to go offroad? Get a 4x4 offroad car. Want to drive fast? Get a Bugatti. I appreciate everyone's opinion. Enjoy your weekend everybody.

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not directly related but:

Could you guys look at this?

I thought it would be nice to have an IDE that was built for Lua integrated to MTA and there are probably a lot of people who can do this better than me.

Not that I don't want to do it, I will. At least I'll try.

But professional help would be nice.

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