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[G&T] (New) Real life Custom World BetaV1.0 [Preview]


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Hello all!

G&T Mapping here again, as usual at your service!

Providing you with the latest high quality maps FOR FREE, made by us.


Greetings lovely people of the MTA community, we're very excited to show you a glimps of what's to come for our upcoming main project a Real life custom world all custom designed and developed by our own team.

G&T has made the next step to work with one of the community's server admins to help us shoulder this enormous task.

Map description:

The world will conist of a few different islands, some mountains, open plains, and even some forested areas. We're currently in the second phase out of five, ''the main design phase'' it's the right time to show you guys what it'll roughly look like when it's done.

This map will come with:

*Custom models.

*Custom textures.

*Custom scripts.


6fe5ba341185271.jpg 0f47f9341185304.jpg 025815341185371.jpg 4b0870341185400.jpg dc632f341185448.jpg 032bb2341185460.jpg


All the feedback, suggestions and bug reports regarding any of our map packs may be submited in personal messages to myself or tails on the MTA forums. Please be clear about what kind of bug you're submiting, when you encountered it, and any posible solutions.

(Please note: This map is a first release V.1 and everything in the map is still subject to change)

As always we will keep you posted on new changes, we've got a few nice things in store for you! ''soon''

G&T Mapping Needs You!

Do you have any experience with recording videos in MTA, Mapping, Moddeling, or Scripting? feel free to send us a message so you too can join the G&T Mapping team!


G&T Mapping,

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https://www.facebook.com/pages/GT-Mappi ... 213?ref=hl

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We also still accept donations, press the donate button below!


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This looks awesome.

I'm just curious about if you have any problems with missing object collions may be?

I was working on the gamemode with lots of custom objects and had to drop it off since I stuck with the problem when you load lots of custom models and they start to loose their collisions randomly. Do you have any advices on how to avoid such problems?

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Thank you all.

@DakiLLa, Try to use as little objects as possible like we have done in our map above. It consists of 7 custom objects. We applied LOD to each of them so it will technically count as 14 objects now with at least 8 of them visible at all times. For each object that you LOD it will add one extra object. So your map likely hit the object limit and that's causing your objects to lose their collisions. Try disabling LOD or only apply them to your floors if you're not already hitting the object limit. If you have custom floors, make them as big as possible so you will only have a few in the end. Don't LOD trees, and other small objects.

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It consists of 7 custom objects.

Lol, I had about ~70 custom objects that doesn't even fit on the screen (you know, those big landmasses with grass rock and stuff). I'll try to follow your advice, thanks.

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