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nick without ascii characters

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i wanted to ask how could i make a player have some "invalid" characters like ┐ ?

its possible but i dont know how,i saw it in few servers; most popular one was ERU

but how could i make this?or i need custom admin,scoreboard,nametag resource with dx functions or something?

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sry for double post but im having one problem with this

i made command for this and seems like i am only one able to use this command and idk why

function setCustomNick(player,cmd,data) 
      if data then 
            outputChatBox("Nick has been set to: ",player,255,255,255,true) 
            outputChatBox(getElementData(player,"setnick")) -- debug purpose which only was outputted when i used the command,for others it didnt output at all on chat 
            outputChatBox("Correct Syntax is /setnick [Nickname]",player) 

also i have made it so when you set the data that it saves into account if you have an account before you leave,and that it loads it when you login

it saves the data perfectly fine for me and it loads it fine too but for other players this thing doesn't work

anyone knows why?

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Admin Panel by default blocks command.setnick (Admin Panel > Set Nick) from 'Default' ACL.

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