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What would you do if...

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A: i'd kill you

Q: what would you do if Mr.ShariQ was a alien from nowhere?

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A: Nothing

Q: When will you guys involve and start asking about some real things like Maths, Science, Physics, History, Geography or general cultures?

I guess like that everyone's knowledge would improve and so on, just saying

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A: Maybe nobody got dat much knowledge.

Q: What would you do If "Scientist tells the world that a Big stone will hit earth in September" and Humanity will be finished.? (Latest news: Scientist predicted that a stone is coming towards the earth. which will hit earth in September. but Nasa denied it and said that it will be destroyed in space. it cant hit earth)

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A: I'd rather run instead of dieing.

Q: What would you do if 1+1 = 2 + 2?

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It's in BLAST section lol

And if this topic was about questioning and not giving opinions why you posted your own opinion?

P.S Just to be clear, keep your beliefs for your own self

(Sorry if I broke any forum rule even though it's in B.L.A.S.T)

Hard to believe in a place that doesn't exist

It would be really better, if you could follow your own words.

A) I would do 2(1+1) = 1(2+2).

Q) What would you do if you suddenly become an ant with human like physical and mental power ?

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