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Startup Problem (both games)

Guest Farnsworth

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i have the nevest version of mta for vice city and gta3.

on both of them, when i click the desktop icon to start

them up or the start menu icon, i get a box that says

the program made an error and must be shut down.

i cant even get the program started...i even tried to

reinstall both gta games, and both mta mods. plz help

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posting a screenshot of the error would help ppl alot.....

I think it's just the Microsoft "Send error report dialog", which would mean that there was an exception error. Are you sure you don't have a cracked client or anything? That's all I can think of that it could possibly be, because most crashes occur when you start the game, not when you start the client.

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I'm afraid that this seems to resonate all the characteristics of a virus. The only way i can explain this is that you have a TSR styley virus (terminate and stay resident) which is running in the background of windows and appends itself to whatever executable you run. Do a search for AVG Free Antivirus 6.0 on google and download it (i think its from http://www.grisoft.co.uk) and run it to clear out whatver is screwing up your computer- i'm almost certain other stuff isnt running properly either.

Failing that, you could need to reinstall your motherboard drivers (but you need to know what motherboard you have which can sometimes be tricky to work out) or windows has messed itself up (especially xp) so you'll have to install sp1b at least to correct the issue

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