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Hello i am looking for someone that would be interested in helping me with a project. I am calling it "Island Survival" or "Stranded" not sure which yet, anyways, its a new gamemode im making that requires you to gather resources to build shelter to sleep under, requires you to fish or hunt for food, requires you to mine, fletch, smith, basically anything to survive. Now the current problem is i can not map and need a nicely sized map, but not to big, that has one side blocked off but like its a cliff, or mountains, and the other side to the ocean.. Anyways, i need someone to help me, if your willing to help reply here, or register @ lgcrpg.com and message me on the forums ( thats the community that im developing this for ).

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mud here from G&T mapping, a few questions. (you may awnser in pms)

How much experience do you have making game modes and scripting.

How many people will be working on this.

What's in it for us.

How old are you.

Where do you live.

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Hey, thanks for your interest!

I have a good 3-4 years of scripting in Lua. I started off just basic console lua, then moved up to Love2D, then to Multi Theft Auto, then garrys mod, then Cry Engine, then back to Multi Theft Auto. I have done more scripting in Multi Theft Auto than anything else to be honest. I have created Turfing Systems with bot's like the real one in the original game, along with a waring script with npc battles, using slothbot, and my own semi-decent ped control system. I have made hundread's of jobs and a housing system. I cant really list off everything i have made but yeah, i got expirience. I have every Multi Theft Auto function memorized, and a large majority of the events.

Just me.



United States of America.

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Paying 20 USD for a very large map with lod models scripted in so map loads models beyond draw distance! The map has to be large, a island. Ill need two copys, one with tree's bush's , etc, one without ( they will be put with scripts ). The reason being i need one for testing basic mechanics, one for later. I also need them done in a week at the maximum. The island needs to be massive though! As big as one of the islands , perhaps 3/4 of that size. It needs to be detailed with rocks, waterfalls, etc. This is 20$ USD Job, i will give more depending on its quality.

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