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I'm a MTA player for a long time, since 2009, I'm currently member of SAES:RPG, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Portugal, I came on this forum to talk about MTA Portuguese Translation, when it was updated I saw at the language combobox "Brazilian", that made me kinda unhappy because "Brazilian" is not a language, it doesn't even exist, i mean lol, what does exist is Portuguese from Brazil. And there is a lot of translation that are not correct, i can help with that if needed. Just saying it needs to be corrected.

btw, I don't know if it should be posted at the bug trucker but I think here its more according to the sittuation.


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Yeah, unfortunately lots of this got wrong, including the damn title at the installer. I'm trying to talk to Talidan to correct some of those mistakes at, because we need permission to do it so. In addition, the installer translation (some texts of it) is not from MTA's repository, but from Unsis one. You could send him a PM or join in IRC to find him, get your permission on the site and take some doubts about the translation system. Keep in touch, Race.

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