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G&T Mapping Arena shooter(Random vehicles-Custom models)


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Hello all!

G&T Mapping here again, as usual at your service!

Providing you with the latest high quality maps FOR FREE, made by us.


I am pleased to announce that the first map of many for our new upcoming themed pack is finished, and ready to be played by anyone in the community.

This map will be a small preview to whats to come, we're currently working on a themed pack consisting out of about 5 maps all with the same general theme, our first theme will be random vehicles with various game modes.

Map description:

For our first map we've designed an shooters arena battle, the entire floor/walls and platform is made by our trusty modeler Tails, who perfectly laid out a arena to wreak absolute mayhem. This map like every other map that will be featured in our next pack will come with a random vehicle script much like the one in random luck, made by our close friend Driggero.

This map will come with:

*Custom models.

*Custom textures.

*Custom scripts.


003b67338688809.jpg b525d3338688819.jpg ddee36338688824.jpg b39551338688833.jpg 58dc2a338688840.jpg ebb707338688845.jpg fccea5338688858.jpg

Special thanks and props to Driggero for taking the time and supporting us with our own scripts, making this pack happen.


All the feedback, suggestions and bug reports regarding the public test version may be submited in personal messages to myself or tails on the MTA forums. Please be clear about what kind of bug you're submiting, when you encountered it, and any posible solutions.

(Please note: This map is a first release V.1 and everything in the map is still subject to change)

Download Link:

http://www.mediafire.com/download/aazil ... -Arena.zip

As always we will keep you posted on new changes, we've got a few nice things in store for you! ''soon''

G&T Mapping Needs You!

Do you have any experience with recording videos in MTA, Mapping, Moddeling, or Scripting? feel free to send us a message so you too can join the G&T Mapping team!


G&T Mapping,

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We also still accept donations, press the donate button below!


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