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Aim Automatic (Aimbot) in MTA?

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Is there any way to make the auto aim?

to follow the player?


I would create this system in my server as a reward to those who turn "HERO".

But I have no idea how to create this function the "Aimbot" anyone have any idea if the MTA allow this?


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Use client-side scripting, bind the aim key, get the distance between the players to get the closest player, there's a useful function findRotation on the wiki, if you want it to lock onto the target (use a timer to determine if the player is still close to the target and keep setting rotation to that target), if you want it to bounce to the closest player always (use the timer to determine who's the closest player and set rotation towards the closest player).

For the health arrows I'm sure you will find a way, I'm not too experienced in that subject but I am learning.

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Well yes it's realy simple. Detection methode 2 way : closest by 3D world distance or closes in 2D dist by screen center. MTA has an inbulid aim script but it work's only with Ped's ( And not real player's ) so for aim you need to use some position matrix , maybe adding soem offset's etc... and after that use : setPedLookAt , and other aim function's.

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There are no functions that make this possible yet very easily.

The functions that are there do not work for the localPlayer, but only for remote players(other players except your self) and peds.

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I'm trying to do here!

the beginning did check when the player clicks the button to aim!

function funcInput ( key, keyState ) 
   if ( keyState == "down" ) then 
   local x,y,z = getElementPosition( getLocalPlayer () ) -- ok 
   local tx,ty,tz = getElementPosition( source ) -- [b][color=#FF0000]How to get the target?[/color][/b] 
bindKey ( "aim_weapon", "down", funcInput )   -- bind the aim_weapon down key 
bindKey ( "aim_weapon", "up", funcInput )       -- bind the aim_weapon up key 

And now? what is the next step?

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To get the target you can do a for loop with getElementsByType("player"):

local X, Y, Z = 0.0, 0.0, 0.0;

local TX, TY, TZ = 0.0, 0.0, 0.0;

local ClosestPlayer = nil;

local Distance = 999999.999999;

local StreamedPlayers = {};

X, Y, Z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer() or source);

StreamedPlayers = getElementsByType("player", getRootElement(), true);

for Key, Value in ipairs(StreamedPlayers) do

-- Value is the element.

'/t' TX, TY, TZ= getElementPosition(Value);

'/t' if(Distance > getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(X, Y, Z, TX, TY, TZ)) then

'/t' '/t' ClosestPlayer = Value;

'/t' '/t' Distance = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(X, Y, Z, TX, TY, TZ);

'/t' end


if(isElement(ClosestPlayer) and getElementType(ClosestPlayer) == "player") then

'/t' TX, TY, TZ= getElementPosition(Value);

-- Aiming code here.


'/t' - tab.

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This working! Thanks "SkittlesAreFalling"

Thus I take the position of all players, like picking the nearest? only 1?

What is the function to set the target?

I tried:

setCameraTarget(player, Value)  

But it did not work! The player turns around, but not on top of the PED.

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Like "bandi94" said:

"you need to use some position matrix , maybe adding soem offset's etc... and after that use : setPedLookAt , and other aim function's."

Try setting the rotation to (TZ + 0.05) or even (TZ + 0.000005), small tinkers and experimenting until it's 100% perfect.

I gave you a untested base, it wasn't going to work flawlessly the first test, you need to use your brain and the wiki.

I can do it flawless but I am busy.


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There is no function that forces the localPlayer to aim with a weapon at a specific point/target. I don't think this is possible.

You can easily determine which ped to actually aim/focus on by a combination of getting the closest ped by distance, and least rotation change to face the ped.

The following code draws the circles ontop of the ped that should have the aim/focus (untested btw):

Doesn't scale, or check for Line of sight.

local function getPedsOnScreen() 
    local peds = {} 
    for key, ped in ipairs(getElementsByType("ped", root, true)) do 
        if isElementOnScreen(ped) then 
            table.insert(peds, ped) 
    return peds 
local function dxDrawCircle(posX, posY, radius, width, angleAmount, color, postGUI) 
    radius = radius or 50 
    width = width or 5 
    angleAmount = angleAmount or 1 
    color = color or tocolor(255, 255, 255, 200) 
    postGUI = postGUI or false 
    for i=0,360,angleAmount do 
        local _i = i*(math.pi/180) 
        dxDrawLine(math.cos(_i)*(radius-width)+posX, math.sin(_i)*(radius-width)+posY, math.cos(_i)*(radius+width)+posX, math.sin(_i)*(radius+width)+posY, tocolor(255, 0, 0), width, postGUI) 
    return true 
local function findRotation(x1,y1,x2,y2) 
  local t = -math.deg(math.atan2(x2-x1,y2-y1)) 
  if t < 0 then t = t + 360 end; 
  return t; 
local function sortbyrot(a, b) 
    local _, _, rz = getElementRotation(localPlayer) 
    local x, y = getElementPosition(localPlayer) 
    local ax, ay = getElementPosition(a) 
    local bx, by = getElementPosition(b) 
    local arz = findRotation(x, y, ax, ay) 
    arz = math.abs(rz - arz) 
    local brz = findRotation(x, y, bx, by) 
    brz = math.abs(rz - brz) 
    return arz < brz 
addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, 
    local weapon = getPedWeapon(localPlayer) 
    if weapon and weapon > 0 then 
        local peds = getPedsOnScreen() 
        if #peds > 0 then 
            table.sort(peds, sortbyrot) 
            local chosen = peds[1] 
            local hx, hy, hz = getPedBonePosition(chosen, 6) 
            local sx, sy = getScreenFromWorldPosition(hx, hy, hz) 
            if sx then 
                dxDrawCircle(sx, sy) 

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