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Can you.... (GTA3)

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or maybe delete the unrelevent posts!

bio took quite a lot of pictures of people (including me) doing all kinds of shit. where are ye bio?

Im here :P but who told ya i took screenhots :roll: .. i dun remeber tapping F12 or saying anything bout taking screenshot, i did fraps some of yer stunts but i did them with sound by an accident so the files were too big and i deleted em :oops:.

Anyways if ill get a chanche of flying wif ya some day again ill fraps/take

screenies..And lol i do NOT have a clue how to post em here anyways :lol:.


Or maybe im just dumb and ur talking bout another bio :shock: .


btw BD ur my dodo idol 8).

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Opium,i had almost the same thing happen in VC,i went for spec mode and appeared on top of a building with like 20 people all standing there,but they all had names,it was weird.

It happened to me when i tried to spawn with vcc and it putted me up there with no weapons and the normal tommy skin

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Get on top of the Hospital Building in Shoreside Vale? With a dodo.

Sorry no pictures because I haven't yet, but I saw Kryptos got up there but he slid off, didn't really get up there.

It is possible, I'm just seeing if anyone can do this lol, and post a picture. (/me is still trying)

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took me a while to do this. i admit, this is probably one of the hardest things ive ever done with a dodo.


was even harder because i sneezed on the screen every two seconds (im sick atm :( ).

[edit] link fixed.

WOW, Congradulations BD. I don't think I ever will be able to get up there, how did you do it? And you did it better than Kryptos lol.

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well, that an another thing that bothers me.

how did kryptos slid off? as you may notice the solid part isnt curved to match the hospital roof, but flat. from how i see it he was standing quite still in his screenshot (notice the speedometer). :?

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When I pulled back the top of the plane was facing the hospital, thus I landed wheels up which sends you into a slide, identical to that of an overturned car. Because I landed traveling across the width of the building, opposed to the length, there wasn't enough surface area to obtain the friction required to fully stop.

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