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G&T Mapping [DM]Sky Full Of Stars +[DOWNLOAD LINK]


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Hello all!

G&T Mapping here again, as usual at your service!

Providing you with the latest high quality maps FOR FREE, made by us.

Map description:

This is an average DM map with some semi difficult turns and twist, a good amount of deco, and a special hunter tunnel. We hope you will enjoy the map, feel free to distribute and enjoy the map to your heart's content. DO NOTE: This map is a First verion and everything in the map is still subject to change.


We really appreciate any feedback from the community and ppl testing out our products, so feel free to leave a comment below.


PLZ NOTE: This particular video is hosted on DailyMotion due to copyrights violations on youtube, if you get prompted for an advertisement just skip it. (The vid is added to our youtube channel but with diffrent music)

Download Link:

http://www.mediafire.com/download/m70kb ... fStars.zip

As always we will keep you posted on new changes, we've got a few nice things in store for you! ''soon''

G&T Mapping Needs You!

Do you have any experience with recording videos in MTA, Mapping, Moddeling, or Scripting? feel free to send us a message so you too can join the G&T Mapping team!


G&T Mapping

Follow us on,


https://www.facebook.com/pages/GT-Mappi ... 213?ref=hl

Our Blog:


We also still accept donations, press the donate button below!


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Cheers seek, yeah we know the video quality is mediocre at best due to busted hardware we weren't able to record with a better quality. It's good news you offered yourself up to shoot videos for us and we'd love to work togheter, as with any of our maps we will always aplaude the community helping us deliver more and better quality products for everyone to enjoy, so feel free to drop a PM.

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I don't think the video is lagging much at all. There are some skips like in the intro but they are barely noticeable. But other than that I agree the video could have been shot in better quality and fps if we had the hardware to do so.

Thanks for commenting, glad you like it!

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