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Grand opening of CUBG

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Will you be here at Community of United Brief Gaming server's grand opening to the public?

We are having a celebration at the farm the staff and admin team put together we are wanting to honor

our players! If it weren't for you we wouldn't have a server!

So please attend our services!

Our timezone is (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

We will be having our services at 5-6pm June 30!

Security will be tight and it will be hard to get in but worth it!

Since we have orange visible barriers please do not damage or destroy these as ,

they are to help people know the path and to keep others from wandering around!

There will be a big stage for members to stay on when you attend it we will have a party after our 3-5 minute firework

session with Lee greenwood singing Proud To Be An American!


the first 5 out of 25 members available to join get VIP for 1 week (7 days!)

Want more info? visit our forums http://www.cubg.webs.com

Pictures of our setup:

http://imgur.com/x35lwz4,zZ1brPq,D1IzsI ... D4,iNHNiER

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