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1.4 Beta Release


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Hello everyone, today we have a rare announcement for MTA. We are releasing 1.4 as a beta, which ordinarily doesn't happen. 1.4 still has bugs and needs some proper testing, so we are going to do a beta version so these issues can be fixed. One of the biggest new features is localization. This added native language support to MTA for many languages. If you find a bug for your language, please report it on https://bugs.mtasa.com/

Download 1.4 beta Windows installer

Download 1.4 beta Linux server

Here's the current patch notes.

Scripting additions



Scripting fixes and changes



  • Fixed Brownstreak Carriage (ID: 570)
  • Modified attachTrailerToVehicle to support train IDs.
  • Modified setPlayerMoney to have a new parameter, bInstant, to instantly set the money counter in the UI to the new value instead of counting to it.

Client additions

  • Added localization for MTA's main menu elements
  • Added OOP

Client fixes and changes

  • Fixed money counter to instantly set when changing servers.
  • Fixed peds being invulnerable to gun fire when doing a drive by.
  • Fixed onClientPlayerDamage not triggering for spray can.

Server fixes and changes

Note: Patch notes are currently incomplete as 1.4 had significant changes over years and documenting them all is time consuming.

More changes are listed here: http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Changes_in_1.4

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Hope the beta will go on great and the final release will be soon. Good job.

MTA SA 1.4 has already been tested for 48 hours continuously by hundreds of players and all the bugs they have found have already been fixed. In my view, 1.4 has been tested more than previous releases and this "beta release" will actually be more stable than previous releases.

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Well as im a part of CIT

The server is currently running in 1.4 version, there was some problems including random crushs but after the recent patch, it works perfect.

We're doing our testing the beta release by reporting the bugs and the glitches.

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Nice Work! having multi-language will surely bring more players to the mod.

Good job :D

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When will the full release MTA: SA 1.4? :roll:
The more bugs you report the more you make the release closer.

As i said CIT players have reported almost all of the bugs, so it will release in a few days afaik

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