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MTA:mA General Release Script & Readme v4.14


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==== MTA:mA:GRS v4.12 by Oli ====



This is a general use script that was released with MTA:mA 3.x.x. It is for use with MTA 0.4.x and 0.5.x servers. Scripts and Programs by Oli.

Contact: msn - ob1515@bris.ac.uk

web - http://www.mta-fmj.com

scripts - http://www.mtascripts.co.nr

mta - mta://

irc - irc://irc.multitheftauto.com/grs


1. Follow the installer steps for installing MTA:mA:GRS by double-clicking on mtama.exe

2. Load MTA:mA via the usual method. (consult the MTA:mA manual for details).

3. Load "mtama.mrc" with MTA:mA's scripts loader.

4. Input your main "Client Admin" name/password when prompted.

5. Input your main "Global Statistics" name when prompted.

6. Configure the menu system to your specifications.

7. Connect your MTA:mA to your MTA servers.

The script has the following features:

- Multiple command support (ie !admin/!info)

- All commands can have !pm suffix to have the information reported via a personal message (ie !pmadmin)

- Events/Identifiers specifically for making Addon's for GRS (read grs-scripting.html)

- Scripts Wizard

- Global Statistics - inter GRS statistics viewable from http://www.mta-stats.com

- Ping Kicker (On/Off - Configurable in menu) - admin immunity level option

- Echo to mIRC Channel (on/Off - specify channel in menu. Can select a different channel for each MTA Server.)

- IRC Control options for Echo

- Customisable countdown script (!count)

- CAPS Warning/Kick (configure in menu)

- Clone detection (Warning/Kick)

- Votekick system (configurable in menu)

- Statistics Script (!stat)

- Idle's kicker (On/Off)

- Nick Change Detection (On/Off)

- Nick-Serv (Nickserv - On/Off)

- Memo-Serv (On/Off)

- Kick Counter (On/Off)

- Resolve Hosts (On/Off)

- Status Menu (On/Off)

- Spawn Detection (On/Off)

- Trace system

- Warn scripts (On/Off for all features)

- Player join Subnet warning for banned players (On/Off)

- Personal Blacklist system (On/Off

- Location Scripts (On/Off)

- Distance Scripts (On/Off)

- Speed Scripts (On/Off)

- Challenge Scripts (On/Off)

- Welcome messge personalised (can be for certain names)

- In/Out game menu stats

- Admin add/remove/modify system from menu

- Error debugging

- Ping Graph - shows a graph of a selected players ping over the last 10 seconds

- Welcome messages (On/Off)

- Unknown detection

- Suspect Script (On/Off)

- Admin Away system

- Auto Update feature (On/Off)

- Reinstaller for failed CRC check

- Admin System levels customiser

- Personal scripts loader which does not cause double aliases if double aliases are present

- Clan Tag protection (On/Off)

- Constant weather (On/Off)

- Anti MultiSpawn scripts

- Vectors scripts (On/Off)

- Favorites scripts (On/Off)

- Area scripts (On/Off)

- Find vehicle scripts (On/Off)

- Anti heli kill/car kill/spawn kill/car jack scripts (On/Off)

- Alias script (On/Off)

- Directions with vector scripts

- Scripts can be performed from PM and from admin

- Ping flux calculator

- Skin scripts (On/Off)

- Health scripts (On/Off)

- Error reporting on script functions

- Clan PM feature

- Auto login for admins joining with same IP as same previous login (on Player join and MTA:mA connect)

- Secret client admin system - allows admin to become hidden and yet still perform admin functions in secrecy

- Favorite weather reporting

- Most crowded area report system

- Scriptban players option (Stops them from using any scripts)

- Top player in server reporting

The script has a Nickserv in it. This allows people to register with the script themselves. This can be turned off in the /menu.

It also has a menu system so it can be easily configured. To access this menu, type /menu in mIRC when the script is loaded.

Players can also register their names on the Global Statistics database. "/msg stats help" for more info

Here is a list of available commands with the script:


- /msg register

- /msg login

- /msg logout

- /msg account pass

- /msg stats login

- /msg stats register

- /msg stats password

- /msg stats help

- /msg clan message - messages all members of present

- /msg away - sets player to away ( is optional)

- /msg back - sets player to back

- /msg reply - replies to the last PM recieved by player

- /msg help commands


- /msg memoserv - stores a message to the Memo-Serv. This is transmitted to all current client admins

- /msg admin secret - sets the admins status to hidden/visible depending on their current status.

- /msg admin say - Says the from admin

- /msg admin addplayer - Adds player with pass

- /msg admin addadmin - Adds an admin of to the database.

- /msg admin cancel - cancels a current votekick

- /msg admin ping - sets the max ping to

- /msg admin restart - restarts the server

NOTE: All commands can be done with a !pm prefix to have the information reported as a Personal Message

- !setcommand - Sets to - Admin commands only

- !setlevel - Sets to (use 0 for to remove from admin)

- !setping - sets the max ping to

- !ban - bans

- !unban - unbans if banned

- !unbanip - unbans IP if banned

- !tempban - temp bans for

- !subnetban - bans and their immediate subnet

- !blacklist - adds to the personal blacklist

- !clanban - bans all members of present in server

- !kick - kicks

- !clankick - kicks all members of present in server

- !revoke - revokes 's votekick rights

- !unrevoke - restores 's votekick rights

- !cancel - stops a votekick in progress

- !host - reports the host of

- !trace - reports the country of origin of

- !ip - reports the IP of

- !helikill - turns on/off the heli kill kicker

- !spawnkill - turns on/off the spawn kill kicker

- !carkill - turns on/off the car kill kicker

- !carjack - turns on/off the car jacking kicker

- !sun - changes weather to sun

- !cloud - changes weather to cloud

- !rain = changes weather to rain

- !fog - changes weather to fog

- !noon - changes time to 12:00

- !constant - turns on/off constant weather

- !midnight - changes time to 00:00

- !morning - changes time to 07:00

- !evening - changes time to 19:00

- !warn - warns a player for

- !unwarn - unwarns

- !money - resets the money for players

- !scores - resets the scores for players

- !suspect - adds /NAME> to the suspect List.

- !alias - reports the aliases used for (can do on players out of server)

- !alias - reports the aliases used for

- !pmalias - reports the aliases for in the form of a PM

- !stfu - adds to the stfu list. They are kicked if they speak further

- !unstfu - removed from the stfu list

- !clones - reports all clone players in the server (players with the same IP's)

- !commands - reports all the admin commands that your level can perform

- !memo - returns the last stored Memo-Serv message and its details

- !scriptban - Bans from using any MTA:mA:GRS Script functions

- !unscriptban - Allows to use the MTA:mA:GRS Script functions

- !update - Checks for MTA:mA:GRS updates. (Level 5 ONLY)

- !recon - Reconnects MTA:mA with the specified connection mode. (If no mode specified, it simply reconnects)


NOTE: All commands can be done with a !pm prefix to have the information reported as a Personal Message

- !votekick - starts a votekick on

- !vote - vote for when a votekick is in progress

- !banned - reports i has been banned at the server

- !stat - reports stats (can use !stat for other peoples stats)

- !clanstat - reports the total stats of

- !in - reports the number of players in game

- !in - reports the players currently in vehicles

- !out - reports the number of players out of game

- !players - reports the players in game, out game and spectating

- !list - reports the players in the server in name form

- !ping - reports the current and average ping (can do !ping for 's ping)

- !lag - reports the lag between and

- !lagging <-a/-f> - reports all the players in the server with a ping above . -a switch reports as average pings. -f switch reports as ping fluxes

- !idle - reports how long has been idle

- !admin - reports the current client admins

- !away - reports the players currently away

- !psl - reports the scripts loaded with MTA:mA apart from MTA:mA:GRS

- !time - reports the time on the scripts server

- !count - counts from ( is setup in the menu)

- !lag - reports the lag between and

- !warned - reports if any players in the server are warned

- !warnings - reports if they are currently warned

- !loc - reports the location of

- !weather - reports the current weather and whether constant weather is on/off and the server's favorite weather

- !car - reports stats about 's vehicle

- !hp - reports 's health status

- !dis - reports the distance from yourself to and the direction. (can do !dis )

- !alt - reports 's altitude

- !speed - reports 's current velocity

- !fav - reports 's favorite weapon/car/skin

- !find - reports the location of with car colour

- !area - reports the players in

- !gstat - reports the Global Statistics of ( does NOT have to be in server)

- !skin - returns the Skin on

- !server - returns the name of the MTA server

- !level - returns the level of (only works on admin scripts)

- !ch () - Asks to start a challenge. is optional, it sets a kill limit on the challenge

- !ch - Accepts/Declines a challenge request from a player requesting one

- !ch off () - Ends a current challenge. Admin level 5 can use !ch off to end challenges between players

- !ch score () - Reports your current challenge score. If is specified, reports 's challenge score. Reports if a challenge limit is in place

- !ch running - reports all the current challenges/scores

- !used - reports how many times has used (and a total percentage)

- !kills - reports how many times has used (and a total percentage)

- !crowd - Reports the most crowded area in Vice City

- !top - Reports the player with the top Kill/Death ratio

The script presents warnings on banned players and notifies people on entry about the nickserv system via admin pm.

It also notifies people to login to admin if they are added to the database when present or admin connects while they are present.

If they join with the same IP as the previous login, they will be logged in automatically.

The Advanced Admin dialog allows you to get stats on people and make instant changes to admins in AND out of the server.

The Global Statistice dialog allows you to configure your connection to the GRS Server, and fetch stats on players.

The Scripts Wizard allows you to create your own simple scripts (ie !hello) in the script without breaking the CRC check.

This will guide you through the process.

The latest fixed version of this script can be found here:


The script and the DLL's for it can be in any directory in mIRC. They MUST be in the same DIR to function correctly.

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ok thx for the fixes

but now when i login to admin it says i've logged in lvl 5 of course but when i try to use these commands:

/msg admin say - Says the from admin

/msg nickserv addplayer - Adds player with pass

/msg admin cancel - cancels a current votekick

/msg admin ping - sets the max ping to

/msg admin brb - sets the admin to brb

/msg admin away - sets the admin to away

/msg admin restart - restarts the server

it says < **FKU**Quig: access denied/unkown command.>

how can i fix pls?

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ok updated the scripts so now i have fix06 thx

but still having the prob with the admin commands:

it says < **FKU**Quig: access denied/unkown command.>

and a few other things that i've found:

!players does not work

- votekick does not work even if i type an ID with the command it says:

please enter an existing ID "!votekick

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ok, ive just spent an hour ot so debugging this script and testing it. It is now to a level which i feel works well. I have uploaded this to my own server as aeron has gone to bed by the time i was finished.

The link in the first post links to the new script, as does the this one.

I have added some new features and removed some others, but the whole system works well now.


Please report any other bugs in this thread.

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Another fix, the votekick was slightly messed up, thanks to quig for noticing this, ive updated it so you can download the new one from the same link at the top of the page.

Sorry for the spam :P

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its the icon for mtama, i use it for the dialog in this script too.. copy it to the dir where mtama.mrc is from where ever mta.mrc is

Also the script is updated to v1.2. It is on both my and aerons server.

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Script updated to v1.4 on my server, its still on v1.3 on aerons server at present.

New main feature is the Nickserv can be turned on or off from the /menu now. (Feature requested by [FDX]Warzone)

I have also chanegd the dialog title and fixed some errors that were in aerons version (Aeron i need to speak with u about that)

Download: http://www.mta-fmj.com/mtama.mrc


EDIT: checkping error fixed (stupid dialog :P )

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not to sure if anyone else has this problem:

for members loggin into ur server when nickserv is enbaled

it says that they have logged in but it still kicks them after the timer is done

not too sure why it does that but the prob may lay in this line:

!writeini $+(",$nofile($script(mta.mrc)),$1.ini,") ID $+ $2 level $readini(nickserv.ini,$mta.name($1,$2),level)

and it gives this warning in irc:

/writeini: insuffenicent parameters (line 536, mtama1.5.mrc)

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can some1 plz help me ive got the new MTA:mA All Purpose Script & Readme v1.53

ive got mIRC and mtama2004 installed but i have come across many probalems

like when i load the script and try the admin fuctions like !sun they never work my mate said to me that i have to register to be a admin but i own the server

and when i connected throught admin via mtama2004 and try !admin it says there are no current admins on

plzh help some1 via forum or msn mines badboy_racer@hotmail.com

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sorry about this i know ive already posted this but im gonna exlain in more detail

could some1 plz help i have got mIRC and MTAmA2004 installed all of the latest versions available, and i am able to run the scripts fine in the MTAmA achieve like i am able to run the manhunt script but i have overcome many problems with the MTAmA Script v1.53 Config, these problems include stuff like when i try running admin functions like !sun using MTAmA admin nothing happens and when i connect to my server with mta client (still with MTAmA running me as admin) and try !admin it says that there are no admins present but how can that be when im connected as admin with the MTAmA admin my mate said that this is coz i need to register as admin with the script so we tried running /msg addadmin but this still didn’t work.

can some1 plz help

btw if your wondering i got the MTAmA Script v1.53 Config from this link http://www.mta-fmj.com/mtama.mrc and pasted this in a blank.mrc then loaded the script on MTAmA admin, some functions in this seem to work like !count.

can some1 plz help either by this forum or msn mine is badboy_racer@hotmail.com

sorry if this sounds stupid :oops:

again your replies will be appreciated.

ps Quig i tried what u said and i didnt work it still did the same thing :cry:

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The !sun is only for MTA 0.4 servers, and only MTAMA 3 is able to connect to them.

Even more, the script v1.53 of [FMJ]Oli is written only for MTAMA 3, please upgrade

For a download link, see the post before yours.

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