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Question 1, where do i get these files...

mta_sa2.jpg (Which is 2000x2000 px)

mta_sa3.jpg (Which is 3000x3000 px)

mta_sa4.jpg (Which is 4000x4000 px)

mta_sa5.jpg (Which is 5000x5000 px)

mta_sa6.jpg (Which is 6000x6000 px)

or if i have to create them, what original image do i use for the creation?

Awnser for Courage's last post.

That happens when the MTAMA does not recive the full racelist. make sure it says "Racelist Updated" before attempting to bust records.

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Ah, remote admins,

No idea then, sorry.

mabye somone else will be able to help you out, altho, dont bet on it, i posted a question on Apr 15, 2007 and it still hasnt been awnsered.

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i meaned, i want to write PM's to Remote-Admins

No, u cant PM anyone not in the server.

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