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G&T Mapping [20 NEW] DD/DM Maps [DOWNLOAD LINK]

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Hello all!

G&T Mapping here again, as usual at your service!

Providing you with the latest high quality maps FOR FREE, made by us.


I am happy to announce that we've come to a point where we're in a position to release more ''shelved'' products, this is again a new map pack made by our mapping team that has not been released publicly as of now, we have been waiting to release this pack to the public as this may be one of the last (race) packs you'll see from us as our main project is taking up all our resources.

This pack is not to be taken too seriously and was more made for pure fun and destruction with a old school ''vibe''

This thread is dedicated to this pack alone after some time has passed we will update our compilation folder solely for convenience.(Do note you can already use the ''folder'' link to download this particular map pack.

This pack includes:

*20 DD-Old school, mayhem (Race)Deathmatch maps.

The map pack will come with a wide variety of battles with huge wallrides, classic race team deathmatch, completely break away maps, near impossible stunts to obtain the very best of vehicles, remakes of old classic maps that don't belong to us, and much much more.


42228d332706926.jpg 3a5b3a332706946.jpg 4d3aec332706967.jpg e0a424332706988.jpg 0a5c85332707012.jpg ee0737332707022.jpg d9f34c332707037.jpg e4cc24332707057.jpg 6f41cd332707075.jpg 495676332707094.jpg ff07f2332707114.jpg dd1fbf332707129.jpgf9d019332707153.jpg a2fda2332707175.jpg d0b8d7332707194.jpg 96b3bb332707208.jpg 036975332707226.jpg d90c78332707249.jpg 259725332707270.jpg 609c9c332707290.jpg


All the feedback, suggestions and bug reports regarding this map pack may be submited in personal messages to myself or tails on the MTA forums. Please be clear about what kind of bug you're submiting and when you encountered it.

Feel free to leave a comment below, hit us up on facebook or check out our blog and let us know what you like or dislike about our maps.

Download Link: ...


As always we will keep you posted on new changes, we've got a few nice things in store for you! ''soon''

G&T Mapping Needs You!

Do you have any experience with recording videos in MTA, Mapping, Moddeling, or Scripting? feel free to send us a message so you too can join the G&T Mapping team!


G&T Mapping,

Follow us on,

Facebook: ... 213?ref=hl

Our Blog:

We also still accept donations, press the donate button below!


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