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Quincy Avenue Kriminals XVII Members needed!

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Hey there,

I've recently opened a faction called the Quincy Avenue Kriminals XVII on a strict-roleplay server called OwlGaming.

I'm in need of roleplayers who are heavily experienced in Hispanic-American roleplay - and are also fluent in the English language.

What is the faction about?

The faction is a youthful streetgang based in Las Colinas. We're predominantly Hispanic-American individuals. We roleplay as fourth-generation hispanics - meaning very little Spanish vocabulary is used in our speech. We participate in criminal activities such as robbery, murder, rape, etc. but also participate in 'hood roleplay'; ie. playing basketball, streetbrawls, tagging, etc.

Is it official?

No - which is why I need experienced & dedicated roleplayers to assist me in creating the (almost) perfect roleplay experience.

Any other details?

You will not be pushed aside for poor roleplay skills - although basic knowledge is required & you must be willing to learn. We require your character to roleplay around the ages of 12-16 for development purposes.

If you'd like to affiliate with this faction, take a look at this thread, or PM me here. if you need more information, feel free to reply with questions.

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does this mean we can roleplay school life and doing homework and our parents telling you what time to go to bed

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