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[REL] Macros detectors 1.1.0. Update 23.03.2015

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Macros detectors 1.1.0


Release date: 23.03.2015

Author: [EFO]Axel

Description: Resource detects macros on speed running [sR] and fast zoom [FZ].

Main target: Useful resource for tournament organizers, administrators, clan leaders for team matches.

How does it work?

- Resource counts the number of keystrokes running / zoom for one second.

- If a player exceeds the physical limit of clicks, triggered a warning message is issued and the administrator.

- If a player uses the SR, switched micro freezing.

- If a player uses the FZ, player throws up.

How to use:

1. If the administrator is rare detection messages, perhaps a player accidentally was able to overcome the physical limits of clicks.

2. If during a game session, the administrator receives frequent detection messages, the player uses macros.

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Nice job though mate but I don't think it'll be handy.

Initially, this detector we have developed in preparation for our tournament. Detection in the form in which it is provided - is convenient.

This resource is working on one of the new public server: gta.ru:33004. After analyzing the logs for a few days, we found three players with macros.

And one of them - used a SR, but when we told him that the detector works - he stopped using macros.

With this resource, you can get rid of macros-users. :roll:

We specifically did not make automatic removal from the server for detecting macros. Ultimately, the decision rests with the administrator!

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