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[WC] War Criminals


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[WC] is the clan i just started, im recruiting ppl atm, every1 who wants to join is free to do it, just post u want to join in here, tell me on msn (WC_TURBOB@hotmail.com), personal msg or when u c me in game :)

.............................[WC]War Criminals conditions:................................

-Well this is kinda social club for MTA players.

-No problem if u re the best or worst player never seen, u will b wellcome.

-Cheaters will not accepted and they will b posted in MTA Forums as known cheaters.

-[WC] Does allows the big damage weapons abuse (molotov or grenade spam).

-Spaz sucks!! so PLS forget about that and learn playing, u can b helped for some gang member or myself.(u just got to say it ;)


-Gang leader:TURBOB

-[WC] Head Quarter:Midtown Block Hotel. (http://galeon.hispavista.com/warcriminals/img/headq)

-Gang site at http://www.warcriminals.galeon.com


Have fun!! :)

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im going to post this here because i dont see the other topic :oops:

im glad to see you starting a gang turbob. you have been around this community for a long time and iv even managed to bug you into a couple of clans that i was leading at the time.

i hope this clan suceeds, lemme know if you need any help :wink:

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Good luck with your new clan, I know how hard it is to start a gang so you will need all the luck you can get!

I would join but I am only intrested in MTA forum communitys at the moment [until I get broadband later this month.]

I am interested in KFC though as they have a great forum community and they have some pretty good players.

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Im glad with your acceptation guys. Lots of thnx to all u! :)

That i said about the spam was only for not to disturb forum admins (post deleting and stuff) but if they has no problem with that.. me either, then all answers and coments re wellcome :)

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i have removed u from the FMJ members list.. thanks for letting me know instead of me having to find this thread.[/sarcasm off]

Anyways good luck etc, let me know when ure ready for a match.

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  • MTA Team

Haven't been into MTA much lately so I missed this!

Well you've been around for quite a long damn time and I'll miss ya as a VCP but I guess its time for you to show your dedication to MTA.

Good luck!

p.s. Extra spammy/pointless stuff deleted as a starting off present

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