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Banned for what reason?

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Up until now I had never had a reason to register here, and also had been happily playing MTA since 0.1 and never had any trouble with admins or accusations of cheating. Today I'm playing on "24hrGamers.com No Mod DeathMatch Server" and having "Lt.Dan" & his teammate "Officer04" chasing me around. I got blown up one or two times and the last time they start chasing me on foot. Well, I go around the corners near the location the Deluxo is at and across the bridge to the beach area and to the Faggio and that provided me with a quick escape and I got to the Infernus and then suddenly:

Officer04: this guy is cheatting

Sonicwolf: where u at jackal

Lt.Dan: ok he is a cheater

TheJackal: i can meet u at the station on island 2

(I have also saved the whole chat dialogue from the time I joined the server)

Honestly, I was pretty shocked. I had never been banned before in a hundred games of MTA. I can't PM or contact the admin since I can no longer connect. Oh well, not a really big deal since I'm not a frequent player in any server except for the official ones (unless they aren't showing up as the lowest ping). Just letting everyone know. If you are any good at this game then the admin may not be happy. :signbye:

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Hey.. umm that server isn't an official MTA server. If you got banned from a Call of Duty Server would you contact the maker of the game or the owner of that one little server?

Find another server... maybe a server that doesn't ban willy nilly... maybe a server where we have a forum you can complain on to be unbanned if you are. maybe a server whose IP is in my sig perhaps.

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