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Tire Popping

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hi i was on a server this week where i was getting chased (car chase) his car flipped (i seen a car across the road he could use) so i got out and popped the tires, i got in my car and like a little mouse going to a trap he got in it, on my screen it looked as if he was struggling and that was that.

Next day i was chasing someone (ironic aint it) and my car blew he done the exact same thing (popped tires off car across road) but i did not no i got in a drove after him he laughed and said haha like my trap i have popped your tires but the car was fine to me, i never had no tire pops but he defintly told me afterwards he popped all 4 tires.

does tire popping on parked cars not work? and was my first attempt a complete waste of time (even thougth on my screen i seen the tires popped)


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the important thing to remember about mta is that not everything is syncd.

you could be popping thier tires on your screen and be shooting off to the right on thiers.

hell on thiers you could even be punching or shooting behind you.

in general shots are syncd, but when it comes to popping tires its a game of chance.

i noticed ur a clan leader by ur sig, hows it going. got any members?

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