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connection problem... :-(

Guest lodeke

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hello guys,

i start playing gta vc back again and it got boring after a while, so i tried to install MTA 0.3r2

then i tried to connect but it didn't work i always get


Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec)

so i tried to put the firewall of and my router but i still get the same thing :(

can some1 pls help me because i love MTA and now it doesn't work anymore :cry:

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What server are you joining? It might not be a problem on your side. If this happens on everyserver try typing in the address manually (like the one in my signature :? )

Assuming you have this problem everywhere try to put your computer in that routers DMZ... that puts your computer outside the protection of the router. If that doesn't work try to connect your computer directly to the internet without the router if it's an option. If that still doesn't work then he issue isn't your router or firewall. I would just play chess.

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